What solutions can we provide you?

Here’s what all of this looks like, in one easy-to-read table… the problems customers like you face when you try to get something made out of plastic, how the problems affect your business, how we do it better, and what your better outcome will be if you decide to try us out.

Most plastic
manufacturers make
your parts out of ABS
plastic or fiberglass,
which are inherently
more fragile and
more easily
hassle, lower
profits, wasted
time. If your part
arrives broken, now
you have to wait
weeks or months for
a replacement. If
your part breaks
during shipping, you
may also (understandably) be
concerned about the
durability of this part
when it’s installed,
and how it will
We make your parts
out of our
which is virtually
unbreakable and
contains a special
“memory agent,” so
even if the part is
dented or bent, it will resume its
original shape just
by adding heat!
You avoid the
hassles, wasted time
and wasted money
related to plastic
parts that break
during shipping or
use. With us, you can
feel comfortable that
your part is virtually
unbreakable and will
perform as it is supposed to, for your
company, for you, or
for your customers.
Long delivery
times. If you are
using a offshore
manufacturer, it can
take months to
receive your parts.
Lower profits. Time
is money. The longer
you need to wait for
your parts, the more
your money is being
tied up and not being
turned over for profit.
We can produce
your items within
seconds and we
can ship them
anywhere in the
world in days – not
weeks or months.
Why? Because of our
proprietary chemistry
and technology, our
parts can be
manipulated so they
can be shipped
Ground instead of
Freight, and this
makes delivery times
MUCH faster.
You get your parts
much faster. You
can begin to sell
them more
frequently. You can
install them and finish
your projects faster,
or get your parts to
your customers
faster, all of which
turns over your
invested funds
faster and
increases your
company’s profits!
warehousing costs.
Once you receive a
container of items,
you must warehouse
them. This can cost
your company
hundreds of
thousands, or even
millions of dollars
each year.
Lower profits for
your business. You
are spending a
significant amount of
money that you don’t
need to spend!
Virtual on-demand
production and
delivery. Since we
can produce your
items in seconds and
deliver them to you in
days, you only need
to warehouse a
fraction of what you
would with another
because we can
replenish your
inventory, as much
as you need, within
a matter of days!
MUCH lower
warehousing costs,
which flows right to
your bottom line,
increasing your
shipping costs. If
you are shipping
oversized items to
clients or end-users, you will need to use
Freight shipping,
which is very
Lower profits. The
more you need to
pay for shipping, the
lower your profit
margin will be.
The oversized parts
we produce can be
shipped Ground,
which is MUCH
LESS EXPENSIVE than Freight shipping.
This is because our
technology allows us
to manipulate
oversized items so
they can be shipped
You save money on
shipping and your
profit margins go
Substantial time
and cost of making
molds. When you
use an overseas
making a mold for an
item can take
months, if not years,
to complete, and cost
you tens of
thousands, or even
hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
Lower profits,
wasted time, and
huge opportunity
With our proprietary
methods, materials
and procedures, we
can make molds in
days or weeks, for a
fraction of what it
will cost you with
an overseas
manufacturer , AND
we offer a limited
lifetime guarantee on
every mold we make!
You save time and
money and can take
advantage of many
more opportunities.
If you invest lots of
time and money in a
mold with an
manufacturer, the
cost and time it
requires will prevent
you from investing in
more projects. With
our lower cost and
faster timeframes,
you can undertake
and complete many
more projects which
can create more
profit for your

All of the problems we listed in the table above make it clear that this industry needs to be improved and that there is very little consideration given to YOU – the customer… the person who needs to get something made for a fair price, get it delivered in a reasonable amount of time, and have it be a quality item that does what it’s supposed to do.